1st graph of violin string tensions


When I'm selecting strings for an instrument, it helps to know the tensions of the strings I have to choose from. It's easier for me to compare tensions when I have a visual representation, so I've created these graphs.

Tensions for D'Addario and Thomastik strings were available from their websites, but I had to measure the tensions of the Pirastro, Larsen, Corelli, Jargar, and Prim strings. Hopefully, all string manufacturers will eventually publish tension information.

There are other physical properties of strings that would be helpful for predicting the optimal string for a particular instrument, such as: elasticity, damping, flexibility under tension, and mass per unit length under tension. These aren't as easily measured, but maybe some day...

2nd graph of violin string tensions

graph of viola string tensions graph of cello string tensions


R DeBey 10-14-07